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Practical solutions for improving productivity and streamlining systems in your business.

It’s simpler and more affordable than you think !

As businesses grow organically it’s inevitable that they pick up some bad habits along the way.  When you’re under pressure to get things done quickly you tend to stick to methods you’ve used in the past without questioning whether there are more efficient ways of doing the task.  We’ve all done that.

Instead of recreating that form which is really cumbersome to work with, fix that manual workaround or find a way to consolidate multiple spreadsheets into one we keep hacking at it.  Then as more people come on board the sticky methods we use get passed on and nobody questions them because “That is what we do here”.

This affects all parts of all businesses.  Accounts divisions, marketing departments, HR, all admin roles.  Nobody is immune.

Valuable time is wasted following redundant processes by most employees each day.

On the button can identify this resource leakage, and help you implement fixes to get your business running like a Swiss clock!

Examples of improvements we can make – These are just to give you a taste of what we can do for you.

–          Identify waste in your marketing spend

–          Improve interdepartmental communication

–          Create an environment of ownership amongst team members

–          Improve your brand image

–          Implement or fix workflow systems

–          Build reports which make complicated information easily understood

–          Build clever spreadsheets that consolidate information

–          Reduce paper based filing and communicating

–          Improve time management

–          Present customised training on-site to address specific needs of your team
(more on this in the training section of the site)

Ultimately the magic of on the button is that, for as little as a couple of hundred euro, you can have a solution customised exactly to your needs.

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