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What is on the button all about?


All industries are being challenged by the environment we currently trade in.  By now you have most likely made some tough decisions to ensure the future of your business.  What more can you do to improve and streamline?

One of the most obvious challenges business owners and managers face is how to improve the productivity and efficiencies of their teams. So how do you achieve this without making a huge investment in elaborate new systems? We all know that this is a necessity and everyone is feeling the pressure of a reduced workforce.

How affectively are your employees using their time?

How much time do you lose every day due to time heavy work practices?

Often finding answers are simpler than you think. Simple process changes and small amounts of targeted training can have a massive impact on the workflow in your office.

Here’s one example:

You’re most likely already spending serious cash on software licensing right?

It is very possible that you and your team members are only using a fraction of what you’re paying for; simply because they don’t know how the software can support them more efficiently.

That can be easily addressed by looking into their workflow and giving them a view into how they can use the available software to be more efficient.

The good news is there are many efficiencies to be found if you know where to look!

On The Button is a business focussed on finding these squeaky hinges in your business and oiling them for you.

We’re not trying to change the fundamentals of how you do what you do, just addressing those small things that make a big difference in the overall health of your business.

Let’s have a coffee to discuss the opportunities in your business.  It is time well spent!